Eliminating Front Desk Coverage Challenges

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WelcomeWare allows your receptionists to work from home
and simultaneously cover multiple locations.

Eliminate Front Desk Challenges

Receptionist no-shows, sick days, resignations,
hiring, training, and re-training!

Hiring is harder than ever.
Solution: WelcomeWare.

See WelcomeWare In Action

Greet visitors with a smile, give instructions, help with forms, accept payment, scan IDs, print badges, and take a temperature—all using the WelcomeWare kiosk.

woman facing the virtual front-desk receptionist kiosk machine
Greet & Check-in

with a friendly smile

Facilitate Forms

with data input and signatures

IDs & Badges

Optical Character Recognition


Less scrambling when receptionists don’t show up or quit.

Improve retention by offering a work-from-home option.

Less hiring, training and re-training.


Receptionists can cover multiple locations.

Centralize and load-balance your receptionist pool.

Reinvest cost savings into your highest performers.


Collect metrics to enhance visitor experience.

Easier check-in form completion.

Never “out for lunch” – 24/7 coverage.

We’ve Got Customized Solutions For Every Market

Physical Therapy

Our virtual front desk solution can streamline the check-in process with contactless document scanning and form completion.


WelcomeWare can augment your patient intake with a platform that can easily integrate with your EMR system while protecting patient data confidentiality.


Our platform can enable your hotel to provide a 24/7 guest check-in and check-out experience with a front desk that never sleeps.


The WelcomeWare platform is highly capable of accommodating a high volume of travelers while preserving the human touch.


WelcomeWare streamlines front lobby clearance procedures by having a live person available via kiosk 24/7 to process security clearance for access plus answer questions, while also improving building safety by eliminating the need for on-site live receptionists.


WelcomeWare expedites check-in services and on-site class registration, reducing the need for personnel who are not engaged in revenue-producing training activities with gym guests.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

“Welcomeware has met the needs of our practice. It allows us to be more streamlined and more efficient during patient intake and serve multiple clinics all at the same time. During the difficult times with hiring that this country has faced, Welcomeware has allowed us to focus more on patient care and less time on hiring. The customer service is top notch and starts with the sales team and hasn’t skipped a beat with the onboarding team. They have all been a great group of individuals to work with!”

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East Suburban Sports Medicine Center (ESSMC)

“During a time when hiring became an obstacle, WelcomeWare stepped in to save the day. We were able to quickly get them up to speed on our systems; the staff has been nothing short of impeccable.”

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“WelcomeWare has been a great asset to my practice. We currently use it in all 3 offices and it’s helped reduce my front office cost by 65%, improved patient forward scheduling, and improved collection of payments. Most of all, it has allowed my admin team to reduce the multitasking and focus on higher ticket items like turning leads into new patients.”

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NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy