WelcomeWare allows your receptionists to work from home and simultaneously cover multiple locations.

Eliminate Front Desk Challenges

Receptionist no-shows, sick days, resignations, hiring, training, and re-training!

Hiring is harder than ever.
Solution: WelcomeWare.

virtual front-desk receptionist kiosk machine monitor

Greet visitors with a smile, give instructions, help with forms, facilitate payment, scan IDs and badges — all using the WelcomeWare kiosk.

woman facing the virtual front-desk receptionist kiosk machine
Greet & Check-in

with a friendly smile

woman answering questions on the virtual front-desk receptionist kiosk machine
Facilitate Forms

with data input and signatures

woman scanning the id on the virtual front-desk receptionist kiosk machine
IDs & Badges

scanned for fast & easy check-in


Less scrambling when receptionists don’t show up or quit.

Improve retention by offering a work-from-home option.

Less hiring, training and re-training.


Receptionists can cover multiple locations.

Centralize and load-balance your receptionist pool.

Reinvest cost savings into your highest performers.


Collect metrics to enhance visitor experience.

Easier check-in form completion.

Never “out for lunch” – 24/7 coverage.

We’ve Got Customized Solutions For Every Market

kiosk machine displayed in-front of the pt clinic front-desk

Physical Therapy

Our virtual front desk solution can streamline the check-in process with contactless document scanning and form completion.

kiosk machine displayed in-front of the medical clinic front-desk


WelcomeWare can augment your patient intake with a platform that can work side by side with any EMR system while protecting patient data confidentiality.

kiosk machine displayed in-front of the hotel front-desk


Our platform can enable your hotel to provide a 24/7 guest check-in and check-out experience with a front desk that never sleeps.

kiosk machine displayed in-front of the airport front-desk


The WelcomeWare platform is highly capable of accommodating a high volume of travelers while preserving the human touch.

kiosk machine displayed in-front of the office front-desk


WelcomeWare streamlines front lobby clearance procedures by having a live person available via kiosk 24/7 to process security clearance for access plus answer questions, while also improving building safety by eliminating the need for on-site live receptionists.

kiosk machine displayed in-front of the the gym front-desk


WelcomeWare expedites check-in services and on-site class registration, reducing the need for personnel who are not engaged in revenue-producing training activities with gym guests.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying!

“It is exciting to see the success of the roll-out in our clinics and the significant value this technology has brought to our company. Remote reception not only ensures a superior patient experience, but it also makes it easier for us to retain and nurture administrative talent and gives our clinicians space to thrive.”

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190+ Locations

CEO of Professional PT

“At Confluent Health we are re-imagining front desk operations, and a big part of that strategy is WelcomeWare. We are using WelcomeWare to ensure that our patients can check in easily with no wait times. The WelcomeWare team has been fantastic to work with and excel at supporting our initiatives.”

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700+ Locations

Confluent Health

“WelcomeWare has helped my practice tremendously with both increasing efficiency and cutting costs. WelcomeWare has been a game changer as far as optimization of my current staff and helping us manage multiple clinics efficiently. The flexibility that the platform has given our team has led to increased job satisfaction and job coverage. No longer is a front desk employee’s absence a terrible drain on both our PTs and patients, because desks can be covered with staff from other locations or even from home.”

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11 Locations

True Sports Physical Therapy

“We’re all in! We love your Customer Service Team. We love your product.”

64 Locations
Wendy Ross

SVP Operations, Motion PT

“We have been using WelcomeWare for just over a year now and have launched in 17 of our 30 clinics. It has been extremely successful in all the clinics we have launched, and our staff and patients have fully embraced the technology. Our front offices are more efficient, and our staff reports that they have a more manageable workload with WW in place. It is super easy to use both as a virtual care coordinator and as a patient. The WW team provides excellent customer service, outstanding tech support, and responses to requests are received in record time. Overall, we are very satisfied with everything WW provides and look forward to implementing kiosks in our remaining clinics.”

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31 Locations
Amy Proffitt

Regional Office Manager, RET PT

“Over the past 5 years it has been really difficult to staff the front desk. WelcomeWare helps out tremendously because when we don’t have coverage or we are short staffed, we always have someone to check-in and schedule patients, take payments, and answer questions. It’s been really helpful.”

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14 Locations
Audrey Medlock

National Office Manager, Evolution Physical Therapy

“I love you guys! WelcomeWare is the best.”

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9 Locations
Carlos A. Martinez, PT, DPT

President of CAM Physical Therapy

“WelcomeWare has been a great asset to my practice. We currently use it in all 3 offices and it’s helped reduce my front office cost by 65%, improved patient forward scheduling, and improved collection of payments. Most of all, it has allowed my admin team to reduce the multitasking and focus on higher ticket items like turning leads into new patients.”

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4 Locations

NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy

“Our Welcomer [Virtual Receptionist], is amazing. She is already picking up so much and is an immediate help to our clinic. I am blown away by how quick your customer service team responds when I need help. Same person each time, which is nice, and they are friendly and immediately helpful.”

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4 Locations
Danielle Hines

Practice Manager

“We were facing challenges in recruiting and retaining staff for our front office. The capabilities of the WelcomeWare platform, coupled with the reassuring personal touch of Welcomers [Virtual Assistants] left me thoroughly impressed. This service has helped our business tremendously. WelcomeWare and our Welcomer are Godsends, and I would recommend this to anyone in my profession.”

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3 Locations
Scott Gardner


“Our therapists are finally getting caught up on documentation and we were surprised how quickly some of our older patient population took to WelcomeWare. They absolutely love talking to our Welcomer!”

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3 Locations
Chris Gardner

Clinic Director

“WelcomeWare has exceptional people who provide nothing shy of a 5-star rating, whenever questions and challenges arose, our Customer Success Manager was within earshot and promptly receptive.”

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96 Locations

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

“We could not be happier!! Our virtual assistant is reliable, professional, pleasant, and well-liked by our patients. Patients warmed to the idea quickly (even the technologically challenged). WelcomeWare provided the solution to our hiring issues!”

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1 Location
Barrie Perrottino

Clinic Manager, Optimal Motion PT

“There is convenience of not having to worry about additional staff members. Not having to hire and retain for a position that typically has a lot of turnover. Having that factor into any expansion plans, or the ease of the day to day has been really invaluable.”

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3 Locations

Dirigo Physical Therapy & Performance

“Welcomeware has met the needs of our practice. It allows us to be more streamlined and more efficient during patient intake and serve multiple clinics all at the same time. During the difficult times with hiring that this country has faced, Welcomeware has allowed us to focus more on patient care and less time on hiring. The customer service is top notch and starts with the sales team and hasn’t skipped a beat with the onboarding team. They have all been a great group of individuals to work with!”

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8 Locations

East Suburban Sports Medicine Center

“With the changes happening in reimbursement in the world of physical therapy, as a business owner I continually look for ways to streamline our overall expenses. The Recovery Project is a rehab outpatient company with 3 clinics and over 120 employees, and opening a 4th clinic in 2023. I reached out to WelcomeWare to learn and trail their product. The customer service, training and product is exceptional. Our newest clinic will be using the product, resulting in saving the company from having to hire an additional patient care coordinator. I highly recommended the product and working with the WelcomeWare staff.”

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4 Locations
Polly Swingle

CEO, The Recovery Project

“WelcomeWare is a great help with budgets by increasing arrival percentage and productivity. One of the most frustrating things is to hire, maintain and keep great staff. My staff are happier because WelcomeWare is in the office.”

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21 Locations
Cristy Schollaert

VP of Clinical Operations, The Physical Therapy Institute

“Our mental health practice is run by my Wife and I. Between treating patients and practice management we didn’t want to worry about running the front desk. WelcomeWare is used to check-in patients and support our in-person receptionist. Ensuring our front desk remains permanently staffed, affording us more time to focus on treating patients. WelcomeWare has been a convenient and helpful solution that has been easily adjusted to by our patients.”

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96 Locations
Dr. Bryan Pearlman

Dr. Lena Pearlman & Associates

“With labor shortages everywhere the WelcomeWare application is perfect for all sorts of Industries. I jumped on the opportunity to work with WelcomeWare because I believe the solution is a rock-solid way to keep companies serving their customer base with high-quality live service.”

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190+ Locations

Olea Kiosks

“During a time when hiring became an obstacle, WelcomeWare stepped in to save the day. We were able to quickly get them up to speed on our systems; the staff has been nothing short of impeccable.”

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4 Locations