Eliminate the stress, cost, and inefficiencies of administrative burdens, to empower our clients to focus on their core business.


A frictionless check-in experience.

WelcomeWare is the leading physical therapy provider of a virtual live front-desk platform. Use WelcomeWare to never leave your front desk empty, improve staffing flexibility, reduce costs, and facilitate a positive patient experience. WelcomeWare provides a kiosk and software to facilitate an efficient intake experience. Use either a remote front desk workforce or hybrid in-office/remote to cover every practice location with a live, smiling receptionist.

WelcomeWare is a business unit of Civicom Inc. Founded in 2000, Civicom has evolved into a global business and technology solutions provider for a variety of industries. Civicom services include audio and web conferencing, voice-to-CRM, global marketing research facilitation, transcription services, and overseas satellite workforce operations that serve US companies.