Staff Your WelcomeWare Kiosks With WelcomersTM – Our Expert Virtual Assistants

WelcomeWare empowers practices by providing kiosks, software, and data
to facilitate an efficient intake experience using a remote front desk workforce to
cover multiple locations with a live, smiling virtual assistant.

With WelcomeWare

You can utilize your own in-house team, benefit from the expertise of Welcomers – our experienced, dedicated virtual assistants – or choose a hybrid model combining both.

Utilize Our Pool of Expert Virtual Assistants

  • Expertise in front desk operations
  • Trained in the WelcomeWare platform
  • HR and benefits covered by WelcomeWare
live virtual receptionist using the computer
live virtual receptionist smiling

Combine Your Virtual Assistants With Our Team

  • Cover vacations and sick leaves
  • Balance front desk workload
  • Supplement your part-time employees

Benefits of Using WelcomeWare Receptionists

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Proven Experts In Front Desk Work

WelcomeWare virtual assistants undergo rigorous screening on their background and expertise to confirm they are the right fit.

live virtual receptionists multiple location icon

Flexible To Your Company’s Needs

Our virtual assistants are easy to train on the internal policies of your company, and can integrate with your current team.

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Lower Cost

Reduce your costs with our lower cost assistants, who can cover multiple locations which decrease the cost even more.

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No HR Worries

WelcomeWare covers the salaries, benefits, and other aspects of human resources management.

Why Choose WelcomeWare’s
Dedicated Receptionist Service

24/7 Availability

WelcomeWare has a steady pool of live virtual assistants to help ensure your front desk never goes unattended.

1-2 Week Training

Our virtual assistants need only up to two weeks of training with your in-house workflow before they can fully service your front desk.

100% Utilization

Our virtual assistants are fully trained in using the WelcomeWare platform to enable multi-location coverage and ensure quality front desk service.

Experienced in healthcare

Our team is experienced in the environment and can seamlessly integrate with your clinic’s operations.