Civicom® Launches WelcomeWare®: Live Stream Receptionist Solution for Business

Sep 16, 2021 | News

GREENWICH, Conn., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading technology solutions provider Civicom® is announcing the launch of WelcomeWare®, a virtual front desk solution for companies worldwide. WelcomeWare enables businesses to give their visitors all the benefits of an in-person receptionist while ensuring a cost-efficient front desk that is always ready.

“WelcomeWare® is a live streaming receptionist service that reduces the costs and staffing challenges of the front desk.”

Front office hiring, training, and retention is a time-consuming process for businesses no matter the volume of visitors. Replacing and maintaining front desk staff incurs an expensive risk in the face of high receptionist turnover rates. If not addressed, these challenges can lead to an unattended front desk, resulting in a negative customer check-in experience, lower customer retention, and higher business costs.

WelcomeWare can provide clients the software platform and kiosk that enable the remote facilitation of front desk operations by virtual receptionists, who are either provided by the client or by WelcomeWare. WelcomeWare can do everything a live receptionist can do, such as greeting visitors, facilitating forms, capturing IDs and printing badges.

The WelcomeWare platform allows one virtual receptionist to manage the front desk of multiple locations at the same time, reducing the need for further hiring and training. This front desk solution can save companies more than 65% in front office costs while ensuring that they have a front desk that is always ready to greet customers and address their concerns.

About Civicom®

WelcomeWare is a business unit of Civicom Inc. Founded in 2000, Civicom has evolved into a global business and technology solutions provider for a variety of industries. Civicom services include audio and web conferencing, voice-to-CRM, global marketing research facilitation, transcription services, and overseas satellite workforce operations that serve US companies.

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