Need To Scale Your HealthCare Front Desk Solution?

Dec 28, 2022 | Case Studies

See how WelcomeWare® incorporated
KioWare into its product line to streamline
its process, and how our partnership can
do that for you too.

WelcomeWare is a live remote receptionist platform designed to help healthcare providers decrease their front desk costs. WelcomeWare makes it possible to scale front desk teams across any location, at any time, with an all-in-one hardware and software platform.


WelcomeWare’s exponential growth demanded a more robust and scalable solution for getting individual site kiosks up and running quickly. WelcomeWare needed a solution for mass deployment and that would allow a fleet of kiosks to be remotely managed from one secure hub that would enable universal software updates while keeping each of its many customers’ kiosk applications individually separated. KioWare provided the answer.

KioWare’s lockdown capability empowers WelcomeWare to keep its many customers’ kiosks secure while assuring that data is confined to the applications specifically incorporated for each customer.

Customers have confidence in knowing that their kiosks are individually restricted to only the applications enabled through their WelcomeWare kiosks. Using KioWare, WelcomeWare can restrict access to the application(s) or website(s) each WelcomeWare customer permits.

Our service partnership creates new opportunities for healthcare practices that need a scalable and secure remote patient intake solution.

When you’re in need of improving your patient intake process, consider the joint partnership of KioWare with WelcomeWare.

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