Virtual Front Desk Solution Provider WelcomeWare® Announces Major Software Update To Platform

Jan 26, 2023 | News

GREENWICH, CONN. (PRWEB) JANUARY 26, 2023 – Virtual front desk solution provider WelcomeWare® is pleased to announce a major software update to its platform for health care practices, designed to enhance the visitor experience and improve efficiency for receptionists.

The update includes several new features that focus on kiosk customizability, such as displaying the name of the receptionist on the kiosk screen, a dynamic waiting room that provides information while visitors are being connected to a receptionist, and a mute button to ensure that private information is not inadvertently shared by the receptionist through the platform.

WelcomeWare® is rolling out a major software update for all its customers featuring several improvements to the interface to create a more streamlined front desk experience.

The update also includes several improvements to the user interface for a more secure and intuitive visitor experience. These include a more efficient login process for receptionists and access to intake documents and forms outside of live call sessions.

WelcomeWare is gradually rolling out the software update to all its clients, who will receive an email with information about the update and plans for training. “We are excited to release these new features and improvements, which are based directly on our customers’ feedback,” said Jeremy Hurewitz, President of WelcomeWare. “We are committed to continually innovating the front desk and providing the best virtual front desk experience possible.”

About WelcomeWare®

WelcomeWare provides an all-in-one hardware and software “live-streaming receptionist” platform. WelcomeWare’s solution allows receptionists to work from home or a centralized location and remotely complete all of their front desk responsibilities that they would typically perform in person. WelcomeWare empowers receptionists to serve multiple locations simultaneously and also gather metrics and insights on those front desk interactions. WelcomeWare’s platform allows customers to never leave a front desk empty, improve staffing flexibility at a reduced cost, and ensure high-quality customer interactions across all of their locations.