ESSMC Are Projecting to Save $135K Per Year Using WelcomeWare’s Front-Desk Receptionist Platform

Sep 7, 2023 | Case Studies

At East Suburban Sports Medicine Center (ESSMC), staffing their 8 various-sized physical therapy clinics was a constant challenge. With four of their newer, lower-volume clinics in need of receptionists, ESSMC did not want to incur the lost time and costs associated with hiring and training front desk staff. ESSMC needed a flexible and cost-efficient front desk check- in solution that would provide front desk coverage while ensuring high-quality check-ins across their network. The front desk check-in solution would need to work with their software systems, facilitating document completion and payment while providing a seamless experience for returning patients.

Reduction in Front Desk Headcount Needed:

11.5 > 9.5

The Solution

WelcomeWare provided the solution ESSMC needed. Across ESSMC’s clinics, WelcomeWare has been incorporated in three different ways: as the sole check-in solution in their newer, lower- volume clinics, and as either a supplemental or backup check-in solution in medium- and high-volume clinics during peak hours – eliminating the initial need to hire more front desk staff while enabling ESSMC to staff their clinics appropriately based on hourly patient volume.

To demonstrate WelcomeWare’s utility across ESSMC’s various-sized clinics, check- in data was collected from three random weeks. ESSMC’s virtual receptionists provide primary coverage for their lower-volume clinics, while the platform is used for supplemental and backup coverage in medium- and high-volume clinics. Across all locations, WelcomeWare was used for more than 35% of all patient check-ins, with an average check-in speed of 25 seconds.

The Result

Thanks to WelcomeWare, ESSMC was able to eliminate their front desk openings, reducing their front desk staff requirement by 18% or 2 staff members. This will result in a projected cost savings of $400k over a three-year period, reducing direct labor costs and indirect costs associated with front desk coverage. WelcomeWare’s efficient and flexible solution ensured fast, high-quality check-ins while supporting ESSMC’s front desk staff, improving the patient experience at all of their clinics.

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