How a Premier PT Practice Reduced Costs and Eliminated Receptionist Turnover

Jun 20, 2021 | Case Studies


High turnover in front desk coverage required therapists to take on administrative roles that distracted attention from patients and negatively impacted client bill payment and appointment scheduling.

Receptionist Attrition

Hiring often took 2 months, with a 1 month onboarding, and then tenure only lasting 6 months

Therapists Distracted Doing Check-Ins

At locations with no receptionist, management or physical therapists were stuck doing check-ins leading to less patient time and burnout

Prospects Left On The Table

Overwhelmed receptionists couldn’t answer the phone to bring in new clients because of office workflow

High No-Shows Or Missed Payments

Patients often left the office without scheduling their next appointment or paying their bill


NYSSPT introduced WelcomeWare in one of their locations in June 2020,
and have now expanded with virtual receptionists completing all check-ins at all locations

Seamless Check-Ins

No more confusing forms; all patients fill out intake forms with the help of a receptionist

Expanded Hours

With WelcomeWare, NYSSPT practices are able to operate more than 40 hours per week

Always A Friendly Face Upfront

WelcomeWare is always on – no lunch break or vacation – and always has a friendly receptionist ready to greet

No Distractions

PT’s and management no longer work on administrative tasks, outsourcing that to WelcomeWare


WelcomeWare allowed NYSSPT to hire fewer,
higher quality receptionists who delivered tangible impact

65%Cost Reduction
0HR Headaches

Increased Patient Attendance

NYSSPT’s receptionist now follow a pre-defined check-in protocol to include scheduling the patient’s next appointment

Less Time On HR, More Time On Business

Without having to focus on hiring and training new receptionists every few months, NYSSPT is focused on treating patients

Reduce Costs And Improve Cash Flow

By having receptionists cover multiple locations, and ensuring all patients pay at each visit, costs have gone down and cash on hand has gone up

“Using WelcomeWare in all of our locations has helped reduce my front office cost by 65%. It also improved scheduling and payment collections. Most of all, it allowed my admin team to focus on higher ticket items like turning leads into new patients.”

Dr. Karn Santikul, CEO at NYSSPT

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