How WelcomeWare Helped Decrease Hiring Challenges and Enabled Professional Physical Therapy to Expand

Jan 15, 2024 | Case Studies

Professional Physical Therapy (Professional PT), known as “the best physical, occupational, and hand therapy provider in the Northeast,” was struggling to staff their front desks. With over 200 locations across five states in the Northeast (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire), Professional PT had difficulty hiring staff for their multiple locations.

In need of a solution that would eliminate hiring difficulties while aiding their planned expansion, Professional PT turned to WelcomeWare for help.

“WelcomeWare has been a great addition to our administrative team and has become an integral part of our operations at the site level. It gives us a second option when front desk is occupied and enables us to harness technology to help support our business.”

Tim Mauro

Regional Vice President Clinical Operations, Professional PT

The Problem

It was challenging to hire skilled Patient Care Coordinators (PCCs) to fill and backfill positions.

Slow to open new clinics as skilled Patient Care Coordinators were difficult to source.
Needed a check-in solution that provided safe and personable interactions between Professional PT’s staff and clients during the COVID19 pandemic.
In need of a scalable check-in solution which ensured empathetic, personal interactions were maintained across all locations.

The Solution – WelcomeWare

Professional PT wanted to spend their time focused on opening new clinics and treating more patients, not frequently hiring and backfilling administrative positions. Clinical Admin Managers (CAMs) can effortlessly allocate Virtual Patient Care Coordinators to cover vacancies using the WelcomeWare platform. This virtual staffing solution can either be permanent or temporary while efforts to hire a Patient Care Coordinator are still ongoing. Harnessing the utility of WelcomeWare enables Professional PT to open new clinics without needing to first hire an inperson Patient Care Coordinator.

Improved Patient Experience

The easy setup of WelcomeWare’s kiosks means Professional PT can staff new clinics quickly with their highly trained Virtual Patient Care Coordinators—reducing the need to hire and train new Patient Care Coordinators while ensuring a highquality check-in experience is maintained at all times. Leveraging existing Virtual Patient Care Coordinators to support new clinics means Professional PT is less likely to have administrative mishaps associated with non-administrative staff or new staff checking in patients. Mishaps can include missed paperwork, scheduled appointments, and payments.

Leveraging Current Patient Care Coordinators

Better Patient Experience

Increased Collections

Increased Scheduled Appointments

Decreased Likelihood of Incorrect Intake Paperwork

Improved Clinician Efficiency

As Professional Physical Therapy continues to expand, it is imperative that the patient experience continues to be at the forefront of our business. With the implementation of WelcomeWare, our remote team (Virtual Patient Care Coordinators) have become an extension of our on-site team and have been an instrumental part of our continued success as it has allowed for multiple clinics to be supported at any given time, reduced the need for staff to travel to other locations for coverage, and provides patients another platform to connect with us.

Wait times for check-ins have been reduced, our phone answer rate has improved, and we have been able to provide our team a better work life balance due to the additional resources that are generated with the use of WelcomeWare.

Emily Lannan

Assistant Director, Clinical Administration, Professional PT

The Result

By installing WelcomeWare in all of their locations, Professional PT has decreased the need to worry about hiring and backfilling front desk positions immediately. This offers the Clinical Admin Managers the opportunity to fine- tune their recruitment and selection process without the pressure of needing to hire an inperson Patient Care Coordinator right away. They are guaranteed administrative coverage as experienced Virtual Patient Care Coordinators cover multiple locations simultaneously. New clinics open regularly as concerns related to sourcing administrative staff are eliminated. Professional PT has seen a natural reduction in overall headcount as vacant positions are now covered using WelcomeWare.

Reinvesting Resources

Professional PT has simultaneously increased their administrative coverage while, through natural attrition, reduced their administrative staff headcount. The reduction in headcount and reduced need to hire have led to a decrease in the amount of resources spent on hiring and backfilling administrative positions. Increased time and cost savings are reinvested into enhancing the patient experience, improving clinics and rewarding staff members. Reallocated resources are importantly used to ensure the successful opening of new clinics and training of staff.

Reduction in Headcount

Decreased Time Spent Hiring

Increased Cost Savings - VPCCs leverage across multiple clinics

Improved Administrative Coverage

Easier To Open New Clinics

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