How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Front Desk

Oct 22, 2021 | Blog, Employee Productivity and Engagement, Front Desk

Giving feedback to your receptionist can be an awkward affair, but it’s necessary for them to improve in representing your company to every customer that is greeted at the front desk. We’ll explain how to give constructive feedback to your front desk in a way that inspires confidence in them so they can productively contribute to the growth of your organization.

Gain their trust over time

Giving constructive feedback with a lasting impact can be challenging. This is why the best feedback is given after investing time into gaining their trust. When your receptionist feels that you trust them to do the job, they become more perceptive and interested in learning how to improve.

Otherwise, your front desk will see you as someone who only points out their flaws (despite your best intentions). Their performance can dip, and they’ll be defensive every time they have to hear from you.

Form genuine respect and trust with your front desk over time with day-to-day interactions. This will show your concern for them as a member of your team, and they’ll keep an open ear to your feedback.

Let them know what they are doing well

Part of constructive feedback includes building up your receptionist’s current strengths. When you do this, it’s crucial to provide clear examples of what they have done well. This not only tells them what they should continue doing – this also makes them look forward to hearing more feedback.

Giving positive reinforcement to your front desk is crucial because it will acknowledge their strengths and show your expectations. By offering feedback when they perform well, you will improve their performance and morale, as well as your relationship with them.

Be straight to the point

Sometimes, it’s tempting to pull punches when giving criticism because your receptionist can feel hurt. On the other hand, it’s crucial to be direct to avoid any misunderstandings. A good way to be direct is to preface your criticism by expressing good intentions in what you’re about to say (i.e. you want them to improve).

While you have to be direct, you should also avoid turning the discussion into a monologue. To the receptionist, you’ll come off as patronizing and apprehensive. Instead, make it an opportunity for transparent dialogue where the receptionist is an equal participant.

Ask your front desk about any concerns they have

Feedback goes both ways, so it’s important that you give your front desk opportunities to express any issues that they have, which can be either personal or work-related.

By asking your receptionist their thoughts, you’re allowing them to be open and honest as they freely express their sentiments without consequence. An open dialogue between you and your front desk will improve their performance and contribute to better organizational communication and outcomes.

Remind them that you’re part of the same team

If COVID taught us anything about work, it’s that we can often do it at home and it’s possible for your receptionist to feel alone and isolated. Reminding them that they’re part of the same team can boost their morale and confidence in opening up. It’s important to highlight their success as instrumental in the goals of the company and to let them know that you’re there to support them. Make sure to tell them that you want them to feel comfortable being proactive in asking for help or feedback.

Giving constructive feedback to your front desk will ultimately improve your business as a whole. If you want to maximize your front desk’s overall capabilities, consider relying on a reliable virtual front desk provider like WelcomeWare®. WelcomeWare allows your receptionists to scale their impact across locations, or enables WelcomeWare’s well-trained virtual receptionists to provide excellent service tailored to your needs.

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