How Your Front Desk is Crucial to Your Company’s Success

Sep 17, 2021 | Blog, Business Outcomes, Front Desk

Your front desk is your most undervalued resource. When you think of increasing productivity and improving your bottom line, you probably look at improving your major business branches like marketing and finance.

In truth, enhancing your front desk is a simple yet effective way to achieve the same goals. It serves a purpose beyond greeting your customers – it can elevate your company’s success. Below we will show you why your front desk is a crucial element in helping your business succeed.

First impressions are everlasting

Your front desk’s hellos are more than just a greeting. Customers visit your business to enjoy your services. At the same time, they gauge the quality of your offerings throughout their visit to see if they want to come back. All of this starts from the moment they arrive at your front desk. Thus, your receptionist influences your customers’ initial takeaway from your business.

This makes it critical to select the person with the right demeanor, manners, knowledge, and helpfulness to best represent the company. Whoever you choose can make or break the deal for customers to return, no matter how good your services are. If you want your company to succeed, make sure that your receptionist can leave a favorable and return-worthy lasting impression from the start.

Your front desk keeps your business running

Typically, your front desk handles:

  • Greeting your visitors
  • Answering, screening, and forwarding phone calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Maintaining calendars

But besides that, they can adapt to new situations based on company needs. In fact, your front desk contributes a lot to keeping your business running smoothly. Some of their more advanced functions include:

  • Problem-solving – They alleviate customer complaints by understanding their specific struggles and asking questions to assure them that they’ll solve their problems properly.
  • Adaptability – They handle multiple requests and communicate with various people at a moment’s notice.
  • Attention to detail – They recognize specific details in customer queries that may need special attention.

The ideal receptionist knows their company well enough to be an essential player on the frontline.

You need a great buffer

The front desk serves as the bridge between the customer and the company. A great receptionist is a people person who can light up the room for prospective clients to make them more receptive to the offerings of the company – someone who greets customers with a friendly smile.

At the same time, the front desk can defuse the situation with disgruntled or confused customers. The employees who have to deal with agitated customers are likely to work with lower efficiency and morale. Your receptionist can make it easier for their coworkers to do their jobs – in fact, they may even succeed in their roles better if the customers are conducive and open. Both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are easily covered thanks to the unrelenting smile of your front desk.

If your company wants to start making major strides in customer service, look no further than your front desk. Maximize the potential of your front desk by relying on a virtual receptionist service provider to have the best person acting as both the voice and face of your company, all while supporting your team in a scalable way.

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