Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Receptionist

Sep 24, 2021 | Blog, Business Outcomes, Virtual Receptionist

Many businesses once thought front desk work was only possible in person. The advent of remote work has challenged that notion, and so companies experimented with the idea of the virtual receptionist. This transition took an unexpected turn: what first started as a workaround became the new normal for businesses. It brought many improvements to the front desk experience for the company as well as the customer.

If you want your company to succeed, you have to get with the times and turn your front desk virtual with a virtual receptionist – here are reasons why you should.

24/7 availability

Like other employees, your receptionist may take leaves, call in sick, or take care of personal emergencies, leaving your front desk unattended. Switching to a virtual receptionist allows you to address customer queries without this risk.

You can maximize this by using a virtual receptionist service provider like WelcomeWare, which has a roster of virtual receptionists available whenever your company needs it. Providers also give you the necessary equipment to set up a virtual front desk. One virtual receptionist can handle several desks. Also, it is easy to switch from one virtual desk to another to make sure you are fully covered.

Cost savings

Hiring an in-house receptionist is expensive, especially for smaller companies with a tight budget. The national average for a starting receptionist salary in the US is between $33,000 and $41,000, or approximately $16-$20 per hour. In high tech areas surrounding New York and San Francisco, the rate is even higher.

Additionally, there is no guarantee in-person receptionists will stay with your company long-term. Front desk employee turnover can range anywhere from 25% to over 100%, depending on the industry.

Using a virtual receptionist service provider can help you save money and avoid headaches by providing a better experience, as well as one you can count on.

Leave the receptionist’s work to a receptionist

If your in-house receptionist is unavailable, you may have to allocate their responsibilities to other employees. This can result in a bottleneck in productivity, with back-office staff having to alternate between their actual work and the front desk. Worse, customer satisfaction can turn sour since your visitors may feel like they’re not receiving the same level of customer service that a dedicated receptionist typically gives.

Having a virtual receptionist onboard lets your employees work where they work best while still being always available to greet customers and take care of other administrative tasks.

Serve customers faster

A massive benefit of having a virtual front desk is they can immediately address administrative tasks. Virtual receptionists can greet customers, answer their queries, pull up intake forms instantly, and process documents quickly through a touch screen supplied by the virtual front desk provider.

Their expertise makes up only one half of it – the other is a virtual receptionist service that can assign another receptionist when the current one is busy with other tasks. No longer will your front desk be so overwhelmed with work that they can’t attend to the customers in front of them.

Consistent experience

Virtual receptionist providers understand that every company has different requirements for whoever handles the front desk. This is why their virtual receptionists have the fundamental knowledge of doing front desk work and the flexibility to attend to a company’s specific needs.

The most significant advantage is that one virtual receptionist can handle multiple locations on the same day. This eliminates having to look for employees in a specific area. Plus, it allows you to have a consistent front desk experience across all your locations – because they all are utilizing the same virtual receptionist, giving your customers the same, consistent smile.

By hiring a virtual receptionist, your company can improve services and reduce complexity. Consider getting a reliable virtual front desk provider for your front office needs.

Virtualize and maximize your front desk

Enable your receptionists to attend multiple locations at the same time

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