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Nov 30, 2022 | Blog

For those looking for remote receptionist platforms, Zoom Virtual Receptionist would instantly come to mind as the pandemic has made it a household name. But how does it stack up to the live-streaming receptionist platform WelcomeWare? If you’re looking for the cost savings, effectiveness, and flexibility that comes with hiring a remote receptionist, you must choose the platform that best supports your clinic’s needs.

If you’re looking for the cost savings, effectiveness, and flexibility that comes with hiring a remote receptionist, you must choose the platform that best supports your clinic’s needs.

WelcomeWare is the front desk of healthcare. A dedicated receptionist platform designed and built for outpatient clinics. The platform was created to improve your front desk operations, reduce staff headcount and improve your patients’ experience.

Zoom Virtual Receptionist offers similar video conferencing capabilities to the video conferencing app, Zoom.

To understand the differences between the two platforms, it’s important to consider the features of each one.

Here’s what you need to know about WelcomeWare and Zoom Virtual Receptionist:

WelcomeWare Features

WelcomeWare virtual receptionist features

WelcomeWare is a live-streaming receptionist platform that enables physical therapy practices and outpatient healthcare clinics to eliminate their front desk challenges.

Through WelcomeWare, receptionists can work remotely and cover multiple front desks from a single location. Patients check in using the WelcomeWare kiosk. They are instantly greeted by a live, smiling remote receptionist.

Features of WelcomeWare include:

  • Web-based platform – WelcomeWare can operate on any device with an internet connection
  • Greeter/agent switchboard – WelcomeWare is 1-to-many, allowing receptionists or agents to hop from one location to another remotely and increase their utilization
  • Hardware options – WelcomeWare provides hardware through a variety of kiosk options that support the platform and are suitable for any clinic size
  • Full front desk solution – Live-streaming receptionists can facilitate a streamlined check-in process through customizable intake forms and document capture
  • Visitor notifications – Providers are notified through automatic notifications
  • Reporting dashboard – WelcomeWare’s reporting dashboard offers insightful metrics which enable clinics to manage their remote workforce, improve their performance, and provide insights on staffing decisions and the patient experience
  • Insurance and verification capture – Receptionists can effortlessly capture and verify insurance, capture and upload documents to any of your systems
  • Implementation and customer service – WelcomeWare oversees the entire implementation process, ensuring your clinics move through the onboarding and go live phases fully assisted. End-users receive support both online and on-site for continuous assistance and maintenance of the platform

Zoom Virtual Receptionist Features

Zoom introduced the Zoom Rooms Virtual Receptionist feature in February 2021. It was designed to help companies facilitate the front desk while maintaining a safer environment for their customers and staff.

Zoom Virtual Receptionist leverages the same live-streaming capabilities as Zoom. This makes it an appealing option for those already familiar with the platform.

The main features of Zoom Virtual Receptionist include:

  • Web-based management – Adding, managing, and monitoring Zoom Rooms is all done through the web portal
  • Zoom Room capabilities – Zoom Virtual Receptionist has the same features and capabilities as their Zoom app
  • Simple layout modification – End-users can make basic modifications on the branding, design, and buttons

Side-by-side Comparison

Customers may find Zoom Virtual Receptionist appealing due to having a well-known name. Its gradual learning curve allows end-users to facilitate a basic remote receptionist setup.

Zoom Virtual Receptionist has benefits like:

  • Similar Zoom capabilities – Those who prefer to stay with Zoom’s features may find Zoom Virtual Receptionist appealing
  • Basic installation and set up – End-users can add more Zoom Virtual Receptionist kiosks through the web portal
  • Basic customization – Zoom has a limited range of modifications that you can make to cater the kiosk to your needs
  • No document capture – Zoom lacks any built-in capability to capture documents
  • Cannot cover multiple locations at the same time – Each receptionist can be assigned with only one location at a time

On the other hand, WelcomeWare offers a wider range of benefits that involve not only enabling remote reception but also addressing pain points of front desk operations.

This is because WelcomeWare is designed solely as a dedicated receptionist platform. It covers all the bases of front desk operations while keeping the customer experience in mind.

The benefits of using WelcomeWare include:

  • Dedicated receptionist platform – Check-ins are never missed, guests are always greeted, and no more seats are empty
  • Check-in facilitation – It allows front desk staff to facilitate the check-in process through customizable digital intake forms
  • Hardware flexibility – WelcomeWare offers in-house kiosks that each cater to your specific spacing requirements
  • Document capture – WelcomeWare’s integrated document capture tool enables users to capture and process any document needed to check in a patient
  • Overall streamlined workflow – The platform optimizes overall business operations by empowering the front desk
  • Customizable interface and metrics – A range of customizable metrics and features means that the platform can meet each individual user’s needs
  • Patient-facing features – Patients can have their insurance verified and payment processed through the WelcomeWare kiosk

Is Zoom Virtual Receptionist Better Than WelcomeWare?

While both Zoom Virtual Receptionist and WelcomeWare are both receptionist platforms, WelcomeWare comes out on top due to its feature set, customization, and hands-on customer service.

Zoom may be well-regarded for its video conferencing capabilities. However, it’s otherwise limited in enabling businesses to truly take control of their front desk operations.

In the long run, WelcomeWare’s versatile and flexible platform empowers clinics to take control of their front desk. WelcomeWare’s platform enables clinics to cover multiple locations simultaneously. It also reduces the stress associated with frequently staffing multiple locations.

This allows you to increase the return on investment (ROI) of each receptionist and potentially reduce the headcount of the front desk team, which also leads to cost savings without compromising the quality of the customer experience.

Feel The Difference With WelcomeWare

Which platform is best for you? If you’re an outpatient healthcare clinic, it’s WelcomeWare. The platform can be customized to meet your clinic’s needs, has a committed sales and customer success team, and is designed solely for outpatient healthcare. WelcomeWare’s platform will allow you to utilize remote receptionists while also but also improving the productivity and bottom line of your clinic.

Contact us now to learn more about what WelcomeWare can do for your clinic.

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